Cast Iron Cooking-A Lost Art Being Revived

The cast iron skillet is the original green, non-stick durable cookware.

If you have a cast-iron skillet, you don't need us to overdo the praise. You certainly recognize how marvelous this humble pan is. If you don't have one yet, you're losing out on a true workhorse in the kitchen area. This resilient and affordable super tool is the original green pan-- a naturally nonstick, thoroughly chemical-free way to cook that will instantly charm itself to you. America's Test Kitchen has spent months learning all there is to learn about cast iron.



Cast Iron Cooking: Resurrecting Again

Due to its affordability and durability, cast iron was the material of preference for cookware in America until the early 20th century. Then arrived nonstick skillets and the distressing reports of chemical nonstick coatings' impacts on the ecosystem and our health. So a growing number of home cooks are evaluating cast-iron skillets again and experiencing their value. They function wonderfully, are fairly priced, need limited attention, and can endure a lifetime. In short, your great-grandmother knew best.
Learn how to cook all of it in cast iron!.



The cast-iron skillet is a well-made, functional, established kitchen workhorse that 85% people possess but far fewer of us reach for daily, mostly because we have a couple of recipes we use it for and typically it remains in the rear of the cabinet.

The new Cook It In Cast Iron cookbook from Cook's Country will show you how to cook classic as well as cutting-edge  recipes in your cast iron cookware.

With this new cookbook, the editors of Cook's Country will show you all the things you will need to learn about cast-iron cookware and the numerous and sometimes incredible dishes you can cook and bake in this multitasker of a pan. From the time-honored dishes everybody knows and loves like steak, faultless fried eggs, and cornbread, to cutting-edge and inspiring recipes like skillet apple pie, pizza, and cinnamon swirl bread.

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Recipe pages detail:

  • "Why this recipe works" breakdowns that reveal our testing approach and discoveries.
  • Full-page color photos for every single recipe.
  • Variations that help you tailor the recipe to satisfy your tastes.
  • Pictures that show important recipe procedures.


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Find out about this cast iron's history and what makes it uniquely American and let us show you tips on how to shop for, season, take care of, and clean this perfect pan, the All-American cast iron skillet.