12 Piece Cuisinart Ceramic Coated Knife Set

You won't believe the effectiveness of these ceramic coated stainless steel knives. You get 6 different knives with covers for an unbelievable price.  The first 10 minutes of this video will give you a complete demonstration of each knife.  Don't buy it from the home shopping network.  You will save even more here at Amazon, so just click on the banner below the video to go right to the store.

cuisinart ceramic coated knife set

Don't forget the sharpener.  These knives need a sharpener that is designed to sharpen ceramic knives. Now that you have these great knives don't ruin them by using any old sharpener.  Give this one a look.

    • Revolutionary Sharpening System - Super 3 Stage Design. The coarse stage is for dull or damaged knives. The fine stage is to eliminate burrs or polish edges. The ceramic stage is for your ceramic knives. The knife sharpener is suitable for all kinds of steel knives with smooth blades, such as kitchen knives, Cleaver, chef knife, boning knife, fruit knife, Microtome knife.

3 stage knife shapener